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Glypican-3 gene function in regulating body size helps inform novel cancer treatments

14 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
In a leading study that has implications for the development of novel therapies for a number of breast, lung and ovarian cancers that have lost the expression of a gene called glypican-3 (GPC3), … – more

Study finds link between birth order and asthma symptoms

8 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
Among four year-olds attending Head Start programs in New York City, those who had older siblings were more likely to experience respiratory symptoms including an episode of wheezing in the past year … – more

Researchers find gene location that gives rise to neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer

7 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
Using advanced gene-hunting technology, an international team of researchers has for the first time identified a chromosome region that is the source of genetic events that give rise to … – more

Immune system pathway identified to fight allergens, asthma

7 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
For the first time, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have identified genetic components of dendritic cells that are key to asthma and allergy-related immune response … – more

Teens think they have asthma under control, but benefit from new approach to treatment

6 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
Two studies that offer new insights to help adolescents and younger children improve their asthma control will be presented by researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center at … – more

Commonly used medications associated with impaired physical function in older adults

3 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
Older adults who take drugs designed to block the neurotransmitter acetylcholine – including common medications for incontinence, high blood pressure and allergies – are more likely to be … – more

Prevention and control of childhood pneumonia

2 May 2008 – General Respiratory News
This month’s WHO Bulletin, led by the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia (GAPP), focuses on the prevention and control of childhood pneumonia. It highlights research … – more

Researchers find link between advertising and increased tobacco use among India’s youth

1 May 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
As the westernisation of India accelerates, tobacco advertising and marketing have been linked to increased tobacco use by urban Indian children as young as 11, according to a study released today by … – more

New treatment could reduce chronic lung disease in premature babies

29 Apr 2008 – Effective Respiratory Treatments

A less traumatic way of delivering surfactant, a lung lubricant that premature babies need to help them breathe, could reduce the incidence of respiratory problems they’ll have later, … – more

Researchers light up lungs to help diagnose disease

28 Apr 2008 – New and Emerging Respiratory Therapies
Researchers at the University of Sheffield have developed innovative technology which illuminates a person´s lungs and helps clinicians identify if they are functioning correctly. The new … – more

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