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American lung association offers parents seven ‘back to school’ tips for kids with asthma

15 Aug 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
Nearly 11% of children headed back to school this fall have asthma. Annually, school aged children with asthma miss just under 13 million days in the classroom making asthma related illness one of … – more

American lung association offers olympic spectators tips to stay healthy in Beijing

15 Aug 2008 – General Respiratory News
Air pollution is a serious health issue, especially in Beijing. For even the healthiest people, air pollution can irritate the respiratory tract and cause serious health problems such as asthma … – more

New treatment in the pipeline for leukaemia and rheumatoid arthritis

14 Aug 2008 – New and Emerging Respiratory Therapies
Australian scientists believe they are well on the way to developing a new treatment for leukaemia and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. – more

Lung inflammation from influenza and other infections could be turned off

8 Aug 2008 – New and Emerging Respiratory Therapies
A new discovery could lead to treatments which turn off the inflammation in the lungs caused by influenza and other infections, according to a study published today in the journal Nature … – more

Lung cancer – another step in the right direction

7 Aug 2008 – Effective Respiratory Treatments

Cancer specialists at the Australia and New Zealand joint scientific meeting for the Medical Oncology Group of Australia and the Faculty of Radiation Oncology, held in Christchurch NZ were today … – more

VMC Checks Out Olympic Air Quality

7 Aug 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
Having heard all the media hype and speculation regarding the air quality in Beijing, VMC sent its roving medical director to China to check it out personally and the results were astonishing … – more

Respiratory illnesses and dog bites a concern for travelers to China for 2008 Olympics

6 Aug 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
Dog bites in humans can lead to human rabies. The report finds that respiratory illnesses and dog bites are more common than contracting exotic diseases. Other common ailments seen while travelling … – more

Infant wheezing not clearly linked to antibiotics

6 Aug 2008 – General Respiratory News
Children who are given antibiotics in their first three months often wheeze by 15 months of age, but latest research from the University of Otago, Wellington shows the wheezing is probably more due … – more

Teens often try to quit smoking but struggle to stay smoke-free

3 Aug 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
Kids who experiment with smoking may eventually become hooked without ever really intending to make it a habit. According to new research, even the many who quickly realise the unhealthy error of … – more

Athletes must control their asthma

27 Jul 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
The Asthma Foundation of SA urges professional athletes who have asthma to seek exemption from National Sporting Organisations so they can use their medicines and keep control of their asthma. – more

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