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Heart attack rates fall following national smoking bans in France

1 Mar 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
French health authorities announced a striking 15% decrease in admissions of patients with myocardial infarction to emergency wards since the public ban on smoking came into effect in … – more

Vitamin E may increase tuberculosis risk in male smokers with high vitamin C intake

28 Feb 2008 – General Respiratory News
Six-year vitamin E supplementation increased tuberculosis risk by 72% in male smokers who had high dietary vitamin C intake, but vitamin E had no effect on those who had low dietary vitamin C intake, … – more

Waking up during surgery – how likely is it?

25 Feb 2008 – General Respiratory News
According to Britain’s top anaesthetists, as many as one or two people per 1,000 experience awareness after being given a general anaesthetic. – more

Message to donate stronger than ever

24 Feb 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
Australian Organ Donor Awareness Week is a great opportunity to sign up to become an organ donor, says the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). – more

An entirely new way of dealing with asthma and allergies

23 Feb 2008 – General Respiratory News
A team of Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) funded scientists has moved a step closer to developing a new class of effective asthma and allergy drugs. With new research … – more

Arsenic threatens global health

23 Feb 2008 – General Respiratory News
As many as 100 million people worldwide are facing slow poisoning and risk of death from arsenic in their drinking water and food supply. – more

Hot flashes may be getting an unfair rap for disrupting women’s sleep at midlife

21 Feb 2008 – General Respiratory News

Studies have often reported that sleep problems increase during the transition into menopause, reinforcing the idea that hot flashes are to blame. But even under controlled conditions in sleep … – more

1-year results of bronchial thermoplasty in refractory asthma

20 Feb 2008 – New and Emerging Respiratory Therapies
Asthmatx, Inc., a medical device company that has developed a catheter-based procedure under investigation for the treatment of asthma, announced the publication of data from the Research in Severe … – more

Review of psychosocial quit-smoking interventions for patients with coronary heart disease

18 Feb 2008 – Effective Respiratory Treatments
Psychosocial interventions like counselling, telephone support and self-help materials can assist heart disease patients who are trying to give up cigarettes, but the most successful cessation … – more

Case links death to environmental tobacco smoke

17 Feb 2008 – Hot Respiratory Topics
A young asthmatic woman who collapsed and died shortly after arriving for her shift as a waitress at a bar may be the first reported death to be reported in the United States from acute asthma … – more

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