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Fish oil and red yeast rice studied for lowering blood cholesterol

16 Jul 2008 – New and Emerging Weight Loss Therapies
A great deal of scientific evidence shows that cholesterol-reducing medications known as statins can help prevent coronary artery disease. Although the safety of these medications has been well … – more

Overweight, insulin resistant women at greater risk of advanced breast cancer diagnosis, says study

13 Jul 2008 – General News
University of Melbourne researcher Dr Anne Cust was a key collaborator on an international study which will today be presented to the Population Health 2008 Conference in Brisbane. – more

Research shows employer-based weight loss programmes are helpful

10 Jul 2008 – Hot Weight Loss Topics
A new review of studies from UC shows that a little shove from the workplace may actually be the ticket to dropping weight. – more

Following traumatic brain injury, balanced nutrition saves lives

8 Jul 2008 – Effective Weight Loss Treatment
Clinician-scientists from New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center are suggesting an immediate and important change to guidelines used in the care of patients with traumatic brain … – more

Weight watchers versus fitness centres, study finds both work best in combination

7 Jul 2008 – Hot Weight Loss Topics
In the first study of its kind, using sophisticated methods to measure body composition, the nationally known commercial weight loss programme, Weight Watchers, was compared to gym membership … – more

Families can battle the bulge together, says UWA researcher

5 Jul 2008 – Effective Weight Loss Treatment
After five years, a longitudinal study into childhood obesity involving more than 400 families and led by chief investigator Dr Susan Byrne at The University of Western Australia’s School of … – more

Cheap eats: how to find healthy food

2 Jul 2008 – Hot Weight Loss Topics
Are you having a hard time stretching your grocery dollars during the current economic downturn? – more

Device blocking stomach nerve signals shows promise in obesity

30 Jun 2008 – New and Emerging Weight Loss Therapies

A new implantable medical device, developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic researchers, shows promise as a reversible and less extreme alternative to existing bariatric surgeries, according to … – more

Common cooking spice shows promise in combating diabetes and obesity

22 Jun 2008 – New and Emerging Weight Loss Therapies
Turmeric, an Asian spice found in many curries, has a long history of use in reducing inflammation, healing wounds and relieving pain, but can it prevent diabetes? Since inflammation plays a big role … – more

Weight-loss surgery can cut cancer risk

20 Jun 2008 – Hot Weight Loss Topics
Successful bariatric surgery allows morbidly obese patients to lose up to 70 percent of their excess weight and to maintain weight loss. The latest study by Dr. Nicolas Christou of the McGill … – more

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