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Researchers design model for automated, wearable artificial kidney

21 Jul 2008 – New and Emerging Renal Therapies
Two researchers from UCLA and the Veterans Affairs Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System have developed a design for an automated, wearable artificial kidney, or AWAK, that avoids the complications … – more

Climate change may increase kidney stones

18 Jul 2008 – General Renal News
We might soon be feeling the effects of climate change inside as well as all around us. Kidney stones are expected to strike around 2.25 million more Americans by 2050, as temperature rises … – more

Scientists use stem cells from the umbilical cord to treat hepatic diseases

15 Jul 2008 – Effective Renal Treatments
UGR News Scientists from the University of Granada (Spain), in collaboration with the University of León, have confirmed that stem cells from human umbilical cord blood can be an appropriate … – more

Disclosure of organ transplant risks

3 Jul 2008 – General Renal News
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine physicians and bioethicists are calling for a new, more standardised way for patients in need of organ transplants to be informed of the risks they face. … – more

Pregnancy may help protect against bladder cancer

27 Jun 2008 – Hot Renal Topics

Pregnancy seems to confer some protection against bladder cancer in mice, scientists have found.


Sexually transmitted disease, urinary tract infections may be bad combination for birth defect

22 Jun 2008 – General Renal News
Women who reported having both a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and urinary tract infection (UTI) just before or during early pregnancy were four times more likely to have babies with … – more

Study links vitamin D, type 1 diabetes

6 Jun 2008 – General Renal News

Sun exposure and vitamin D levels may play a strong role in risk of type 1 diabetes in children, according to new findings by researchers at the Moores Cancer Center at University of California, … – more

New kidney protein speeds/improves the diagnosis of failing kidneys

5 Jun 2008 – New and Emerging Renal Therapies
Walk into any emergency department complaining of chest pain and you are likely to have blood drawn. Within hours it should be clear whether you’ve had a heart attack, based on enzyme levels in your … – more

New model predicts whether patients will be free of renal cancer 12 years after initial treatment

3 Jun 2008 – New and Emerging Renal Therapies
A UT Southwestern Medical Center physician and other researchers have developed a unique statistical model that predicts the probability of a patient being cancer free 12 years after initial surgical … – more

Reducing blockage fails to improve access to the bloodstream for kidney dialysis

22 May 2008 – General Renal News
Reducing early blockages in bloodstream access for kidney failure treatment does not increase the likelihood that the access will function adequately for long-term treatments, according to a study … – more

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