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Asthma and other allergies tied to absence of specialised cells

19 Jul 2008 – General Allergy News
When it comes to allergies, both the problem and the solution are found within us. Our immune systems respond to foreign substances with an arsenal of cells. Some are programmed to … – more

Children may build tolerance to egg allergy

19 Jul 2008 – Effective Allergy Treatments
New research suggests that beating childhood egg allergy is literally a piece of cake. – more

Finding that could shed light on “golden staph”, candida and allergies

11 Jul 2008 – Hot Allergy Topics
Recent scientific findings explain why patients with a rare immunodeficiency disorder are unusually susceptible to certain common infections. By revealing the exact molecular mechanisms involved, … – more

Asthma risk increases in children treated for HIV

9 Jul 2008 – General Allergy News
Children whose immune systems rebound after treatment with potent anti-viral drugs for HIV infection face an increased risk of developing asthma, said a federally funded consortium of researchers led … – more

Respiratory illness, dog bites among top concerns for travelers to China

30 Jun 2008 – General Allergy News
Beijing–bound Olympic travellers should worry less about exotic diseases, and instead focus on preventing more mundane health problems like respiratory illness and dog bites. A new study by … – more

Oxygen-rich lifesaving efforts pose risk for respiratory infections

21 Jun 2008 – General Allergy News
Each year, thousands of premature infants battle to breathe. Thanks to life-saving interventions developed in the past couple decades – steroids given to their mothers to stall pre-term labor, … – more

Allergy expert has advice for flood victims

20 Jun 2008 – General Allergy News
As if the emotional and financial impact of flood damage isn’t bad enough, floodwaters can also bring health problems. H. James Wedner, M.D., professor of medicine and chief of the Division of … – more

Allergy research breakthrough

6 Jun 2008 – New and Emerging Allergy Therapies

In a world first scientists have identified how a gene associated with allergic diseases such as asthma and eczema works, providing new hope for potential drug treatments.


Hayfever hope

6 Jun 2008 – New and Emerging Allergy Therapies
With the peak grass pollen season approaching, scientists can reveal that a daily dose of probiotic can change the immune status of people with hay fever. – more

New breathing exercises help manage asthma

29 May 2008 – Effective Allergy Treatments

A presentation that demonstrates breathing exercises designed to help reduce the use of asthma inhalers is today available to the general public for free from the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) … – more

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