Most chemotherapy agents are cell-cycle specific, meaning that they act on cells that are actively dividing.
This also leads to the killing off of healthy cells that are also dividing. As chemotherapy is a systemic
treatment, all cells that are dividing are damaged. Due to this, chemotherapy is associated with systemic
side effects that can be particularly severe in some patients. There are some chemotherapy agents that are
non-cell-cycle specific.

Chemotherapy may be given using only a single drug, or in a regime, where multiple chemotherapy
agents are used. In this setting, drugs that have different modalities of action and different toxicities
are preferred.

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Chemotherapy Timetables

Dr Dalley’s chemotherapy timetables can be used to suit the patient’s chemotherapy schedule.

To use, simply insert the starting date in the yellow box and the rest of the schedule will change accordingly.

To tailor to your schedule, insert starting date into the yellow box (A11).

Disclaimer: Please note that chemotherapy doses and timetables may be adjusted according to your individual circumstances.

Please show this to your treating oncologist to ensure this is the correct timetable for you.

Kindly Supplied by Dr. David Dalley.

 5-Fluorouracil + Carboplatin Days 1 – 4
 5-Fluorouracil + Carboplatin Days 1 – 5
 5-Fluorouracil + Carboplatin Days 1, 3 & 5
 5-Fluorouracil Days 1 – 5
 5-Fluorouracil Weekly
 5-Fluorouracil+Cisplatin 5 Days
 ABVD (Doxorubicin + Bleomycin + Vinblastine + Dacarbazine)
 Chlorambucil 14 Days
 Cisplatin Days 1 – 5
 Cisplatin Weekly
 CMF Days 1 & 8, 4 Weekly
 CMF Oral
 FOLFOX 4 (Oxaliplatin + Leucovorin + 5-Fluorouracil)
 Gemzar 3 out of 4 Weeks
 Irinotecan (Camptosar) 3rd Weekly
 Lomustine (CeeNU)
 Melphalan + Prednisone, 5 Days, bd dose daily, 4 Weekly
 Melphalan + Prednisone, 5 Days, bd dose daily, 6 Weekly
 Melphalan + Prednisone, 5 Days, once daily, 6 Weekly
 Temodal 250 mg + Zofran
 Temodal 300 mg + Zofran
 Zofran + Dexmethsone 3 Weekly
 Zofran + Dexmethsone 4 Weekly